Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bathroom Glam

I have always found our guest bathroom boring and uninviting.  I guess because it is a small space.  Well, it all started with the tissue holder and soap dispenser I found.  It was the inspiration I needed to get me going.  It was LOVE at first sight.  IMO there is something classy about beige and black together.  

Jo's Sewing stuff 011
Then I found these shower doors that I LOVE.  I like that they have a watercolor-like design on them.  This bathroom needs something-trust me!  DH installed the new shower doors and then our guest bathroom looked institutional and too pristine.  I really thought the shower doors were my answer-but Nooooooo.....
I hunted every fabric store and even thought about cutting a shower curtain if I found the right fabric.   I could not find what I was looking for.  Well, weeks and weeks later I was rummaging through my home dec bolts of fabric, which are buried in the corner of my closet, and voila, there it was!  Fabric in my stash and beige and black themed.  Hmmmmmmmm, could this work?  It was too good to be true! ;)
 Jo's Sewing stuff 005
Jo's Sewing stuff 004
Valance definitely came too mind.  I came across this black curtain tieback I had and my dilemma was complete.  Until I realized my black towels were really boring.  I had scraps left and purchased some trim for these stark towels.

Jo's Sewing stuff 006
Jo's Sewing stuff 010

The bathroom still needs a picture or two, but I think I finally have it decorated to where it is not so boring.  For a guest bathroom, I wanted a more formal effect.(but not too formal)  I think the palm leaves makes it more fun than formal.  Best of all, I had that fabric in my stash and didn't even know it..... Sometimes the best fabric store is our own stash!  ;)  Life is good....

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Me! said...

Your guest bathroom is boring NO MORE! It is very chic. I have gotten inspiration from your project. Thanks! Tyna


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