Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just for Jo!

When I first thought about blogging and creating my own blog, I thought to just blog about sewing.  I honestly battle between being in the kitchen or the sewing room.  I always have sewing projects I want to do or a new recipe (even old) to cook!  Plus my husband and I like to do home projects together.  Little tidbit for you-my DH also enjoys cooking! 

Recently, my sister found this wonderful blue camouflage fabric for my nephew, Michael.  She purchased yards and yards of it.  She enlisted my help to sew this cute fabric to a micro fleece blanket.   I will blog about this project as soon as I get pictures of my project in Michael's blue room!

  I LOVE, LOVE to sew.  If I could sew every waking moment(or more moments)  I would.  I just love the thrill of it all.  I love tweaking projects and making it my own.  I love not being 100% sure on a particular project and being 100% satisfied with the outcome.  I love sewing for my girls.  Girl clothes are the best!  I love not being able to find curtains or any home dec items in a store and I am able to sew it myself.  Sewing for me is way too much fun.  The thrill of a completed project is joy beyond words.... ;)

The "Just for Jo" part is this.   Being a Mom, surprises are usually everyone's stuff is put away neatly or you actually have a moment you are not multi-tasking.  She wanted to thank me for sewing    Michael's new bedroom ensemble.  My surprise.....

Jo's surprise 001

All for me!  I honestly don't know which I LOVE more.   500 new cookie recipes or shopping for "free" at Joann's(my home away from home)  Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... My sister said when she saw the book she knew it was meant for me.  Yes, baking! 

Yes, I know that this is not sewing or a baking blog post, but it is MY post....  Surprises....Just for Jo.  Touched to be kindly gifted for something that is "Just Jo"

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Cole's Corner said...

wooo hoooo! We must be sisters from another mother... or something like that... how does it go???
Anyways... baking and sewing are two of my favorite things in the world, too. I'm envious of your gifts. I wish I could go shopping with you (I have no Joann's... :( and eat some of your cookies!

Just Jo said...

Thank you, Nicole! Funny you should say that...the way you describe things sometimes I feel as if I am looking in a mirror! We seem to have the same "style"
I would LOVE to shop with you and anytime you want some of my cookies-Come on over.... Thanks again!


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