Friday, March 5, 2010

Move over Dunkin' Donuts!

OMG! This recipe is everything you could ever want in a recipe.  Fast, functional, fun, and yummy! It is from the current issue of Family Circle Magazine! (April 1, 2010)  You can decorate these donuts any way you like.  What I love, too, is these donuts are SO much less fattening than fried donuts.  What more could you ask for.  Really, from start to finish  it was a total of 30 minutes for a dessert that looks like you spent hours doing!
First you will need a donut pan.  I searched a couple of stores and unbelievably, I found this pan at Joann's.  It was located by the Wilton products, in a separate little section called "Breakfast Items"-products by Joann's.  It was on sale for $9.00, so hurry if you are interested!!  Buying things on sale, always makes the project better, IMO!
Jo's Baking 005
Here's a look at the batter in the pan.  Placing the batter in a Ziploc-type bag saves clean-up time and ensures the batter stays in the well.  This batter is thick!
Jo's Baking 002
I baked the vanilla donut recipe and 13 minutes in the oven and here they are.  They came out beautiful and perfectly formed.  I was VERY impressed.
Jo's Baking 006Jo's Baking 007

I followed the recipe for vanilla glaze!  I did add 2 1/2 tablespoons of milk versus the 1 tablespoon suggested.  I also added 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract.  You can add whatever extract you desire.  Imagine almond, lemon, or even mint.  Mmmmm, mint extract on vanilla glaze and baking the chocolate donuts.  Peppermint patties come to mind!
Initially, this is what I came up.  These are the toppings I had on hand.  I LOVE coconut and my daughters like sprinkles.  The white/black was, of course, for my DH.
Jo's Baking 009

Jo's Baking 012
Jo's Baking 011
My sister sent me this picture of the chocolate donut recipe sprinkled with powdered sugar!  Mmmmmmm.

I know I have gone overboard with pictures of these donuts, but I am trying to really inspire you to try this recipe!   My sister is my inspiration for this find! 
I still cannot believe how fast and easy it is.  The recipe makes only 6 donuts-perfect for a quick dessert in a flash.  Or you can easily double it for 12!  The other option is to purchase 2 pans to really make use of your time.... I see another shopping trip to Joann's.  This has benefits as there just might be some fabric I have to have!
Here are the links to try these donuts.   You have to signup on Family Circle's website, takes about 20 seconds and well worth ALL the wonderful recipes!

If you click on the recipe, it should enlarge on your screen and you can then print it!

Let me know what you think..... Now I need a cold glass of milk! 

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Athletic Pastry Chef said...

Very interesting post. I might give that recipe a try, because and I'm very curious to see if they live up to their calorie heavy counter parts. Thanks



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