Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Can't help falling in love...with this tote!

When I found this fabric at the store, you can only imagine that I was "all shook up"!  I only wish fabric mills would create more panels.  They are SO easy to do when we want to sew something semi-homemade when all the measurements are done for us. 

 Jo's stuff 001

My BIL is a big Elvis fan and when I came across this panel I thought it would be perfect for him.  Hopefully, he doesn't "return to sender"
I am really pleased at the outcome of this tote bag!  I guess "suspicious minds" are wondering how it turned out!

elvis bag 002

Of course I added an additional black fabric liner and added some pockets on the inside to make it stronger and functional!

 elvis bag 007

The bottom border is just perfect with all the elvis words.  Love that!

 elvis bag 010

Okay, Okay, "a little less conversation"!
So "don't be cruel"-please leave me a comment!

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1 comment:

Cole's Corner said...

Cute! I wish there were more panels out there, too.

I especially love the holiday ones like my Mom had when I was little.


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